The Investment North-West Logistic Park is completed
03 July 2016

For investor Waimea Holding SA we’ve built North-West Logistic Park – modern logistic Centre in Szczecin. The complex of 5 halls in steel structure with 67.300 m² of usable floor area and capa city of 824.000 m³. All constructed on embankment construction made with high ground water level.


Near the object a modern infrastructure was made: sett’s surface , transformer stadion, water and sewage drain system, fire water pumping station with a water tank of 1,000 m³, evaporate and drainage tank for rainwater, car park and a real geen park.


The proximity of the sea border with the Scandinavian countries as well as excellent transport links with Western Europe make the park is known to and has a very good reputation among tenants.


Hall A - 6.830 m² i 85.000 m³
Execution time: 7 months, since 11.2012 to 05.2013


Hall B - 13.282 m² i 165.360 m³
Execution time: 9 months, since 09.2013 to 05.2014


Hall C - 28.542 m² i 355.347 m³
Execution time: 7 months, since 11.2014 to 05.2015


Hall D - 13.986 m² i 165.410 m³
Execution time: 9 months, since 06.2014 to 03.2015


Hall E - 4.680 m² i 52.416 m³
Execution time: 8 months, since 06.2015 to 01.2016


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